My Inspiration

Hi, my name is Michele. I’m a beagle owner, nature enthusiast, and all around animal lover. This blog is the result of my search for natural and alternative methods to keep my pet healthy.

My Story

Back in 2006, my family adopted a six-month old male beagle.  I had been pestering my husband for years to get a dog, and he finally gave in to my wishes. We didn’t actually go out and get a dog on our own though. Instead, he kind of came into our lives by chance.

It all happened one day while grocery shopping, when we ran into a couple of our co-workers. After chatting with the pair for a minute, the husband blurted out: “Hey, do you want a dog?” At the time, I really knew nothing about beagles, but I just wanted a dog, any dog.

We agreed upon a time to stop by and see him the following week. Within an hour of our visit, we had him in our car and were on our way home. He was a cute little fellow. A bit on the plump side, and I noticed he tended to paw at his ears quite often.

The Never-Ending Itchy Ears

Since it was time for his vaccinations (we now get titers instead), I scheduled an appointment with the vet. While there, I mentioned the ear problem to him. He gave us a salve ointment called MalOtic and sent us on our way. Within a few days, his ears started to clear up and all was well.

A few months later, the itchy ears came back. So, off we headed to the vet’s office again. We were given another prescription for the MalOtic. When I asked what could be causing the problem, the vet told me because beagle’s ears are long and floppy, they need to be cleaned out often. He said when a dog’s ears get wet or dirty, yeast can form and lead to itching.

Back home, I was applying the ear ointment and cleaning his ears on a regular basis. This time it was several months before we had a relapse. I made a point to tell the vet that I had been keeping his ears wiped out, so I didn’t think it was an issue of cleanliness.

I asked if his diet might be contributing to this somehow. He chuckled a little and told me no. His overall opinion was that beagles in general have ear problems, and you just have to deal with it.

Can Diet Affect a Dog’s Ears

Not wanting to accept that answer, I started to do a little research on my own. I soon discovered that any type of grain in a dog’s diet can cause itchy ears, allergies and other health issues. This discovery was my first inspiration (yes, there were many others) to try and learn as much as I could about feeding and caring for my dog in a natural way.

I came to the conclusion that traditional vets don’t always have the answer. Well, maybe some of them do, but they just aren’t comfortable deviating from what conventional veterinary medicine preaches. Either way, I thought I owed it to my dog to provide him with the best care possible.

These days, when any health problem arises or I have a question, we visit a holistic vet. Unless my dog breaks a bone or has some serious physical injury, you won’t catch me back at the previous doctor’s office again. Don’t get me wrong. He was a nice, friendly person and seemed eager to care for my pet. It’s just that his methods of healing and care weren’t right for me or my dog.